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Do the Rock Walk baby!

The original Rock Walk was impressive but pretty much a victim of climate change.

The new Rock Walk, Torquay

Rena (my partner) likes Torquay; I’m not keen and she knows it, but we make an occasional visit. I must admit I had been meaning to cast my mincers over the new rock walk to see if the council had done a good job of restoration. It may seem odd but this was always one of the better, and taken for granted, attractions of Torquay that the council could have decided to just leave in its battered and denuded state. Deciding to restore it was a brave and worthwhile decision.

The old rock walk was blown away by gales some years ago, which was a disaster as it was one of the few reasons to visit Torquay. The planting was very good and included a collection of palm trees from around the world, including tropical countries, that would be difficult to find out in the open anywhere else in Britain. Only a handful of the many hundreds of trees and shrubs remain, and the old timber walkways and bridges have all been replaced with stronger, and in my view less attractive, structures. Despite everything though Torbay Borough Council haven’t done a bad job and the use of gravel, specimen plants and shrubs and drifts of flowers is quite good. It may even look as good as the old rock walk by 2050, but I’m not likely to be around to see it. Well worth a visit to Torquay – get the train from Newton Abbot and walk along the front – avoid the town centre!

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