Death Valley 1990

That's me, on a deserted desert highway
That’s me, on a deserted desert highway

I was not at all keen on including Las Vegas into the itinerary of my first trip to the United States, but was glad that I did. Rena and I enjoyed it so much we got the travel company to include a few days in our second trip five years later. We liked the city itself but spent most of the time visiting sites nearby, one of which was Death Valley. I decided to take the long way around and drove a good deal further up the I95 (Veterans Memorial Highway) than most tourists go, stopping off at a truck stop just before Beatty. From there we turned west and then south, stopping to take in the amazing view from the entrance to Death Valley from the north. I panicked slightly (and silently – I didn’t want to distress Rena) when I noticed that the car was low on gas – very low. There was no sign of life out here as far as the eye could see, and my tourist map was not of much help; if only I had an iPad back in 1990! I drove on to a man made oasis complete with golf course (only in America!) and gas station, only to discover they were out of gas – a bit like that scene in the Blues Brothers – “…no; WE’RE out of gas…”. I was getting pretty desperate by now and wondered if we could make it to the nearest hotel. It turned out that there was another gas station about a mile away – the only two gas stations in Death Valley are about a mile apart from each other!

Photos were scanned from negatives or were provided at the time on CD-ROM by Boots. To view the full Death Valley set of photos click here.

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