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Brandon Estate

I lived on the 10th floor of Brawne House for twenty two years, from 1982 to 2004. The block was part of Brandon Estate (Walworth, London SE17), one of the biggest estates in south London. It is very photogenic, hence why it is so popular with television and movie makers. It’s the home of Rose and her mother (Dr.Who) and has been seen in episodes of The Comic Strip. The Rude Boy of The Clash film of the same name lived here. Two series of an underrated BBC comedy by Sean Lock – 15 Storeys High – were filmed in my flat and around the estate.

I was lucky enough to be elected as Chair of Brandon Tenants & Residents Association for eleven years on the trot; I only had to give up that post when I took up a job as a housing officer at Southwark Council.

These are a few snaps I took when I revisited the estate in 2010. Oh, and yes, we had our very own Henry Moore sculpture – Two Piece Reclining Figure No.3 (1961) – valued at some £2 million back in 2000. It was sculpted for this particular spot, so hopefully will never be sold. I have photos of when the sculpture was returned to the estate having been away for nearly two years ‘on tour’ and being restored.

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