Bead delivery

Two or three times a week my workplace takes delivery of some 75 cubic metres of beads – enough to fill about 10 or so houses. It takes nearly two hours to pump the beads from the articulated lorry into our silo. If you want a quality cavity wall insulation material this is it: we drill a series of holes about the size of a one pound coin in your walls and pump in the bead together with a special glue. Just in case you were interested.

It is quite expensive to keep a home warm during the winter, and will probably become more expensive as time goes on. A great deal of heat is lost through walls that are only partially filled or not filled at all, so cavity wall insulation should be at the top of everyone’s energy bill saving list. Double glazing saves very little energy in comparison, and yet a lot of people seem willing to spend huge sums of money on it….

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