Old Uncle Tom Cobbly & All

25 June 2016 | Devon pubs

img_2199Now that is what you call a beer selection – and this was just half of what was on offer! It takes someone special to make available such a variety in a small village in a remote part of Devon – a village with a population of under 400. And it’s been pub of the year more than once.

This was another trip to the Tom Cobbly for the Union swillers, and the first where we set off early to have breakfast, and an excellent breakfast it was too. Everything on the plate was damn near perfect: sausages, bacon, eggs, fried bread, mushrooms, tomatoes… And it provided good ballast for the beer feast to come.

The pub is in the village of Spreyton and is famous for being the setting-off point for Old Uncle Tom Cobbly and his band of merrie men, who set off on what would then have been a long and tortuous journey across Dartmoor to Widecombe Fair. I don’t think anyone knows the date exactly but the journey would probably have been made every year in the 1770’s and 1780’s; Tom Cobbly probably died in 1794.

A great day out: excellent food, good service, superb beer and cider and a great old country pub.



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