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Teign Cellars, Newton Abbot

A good bet for a decent meal and good local real ale and cider.

16 October 2016 | Food & Drink

We recently had a family gathering for an 80th birthday and had to think where best to eat, drink and be merry.

This is not necessarily easy when you have a group ranging in age from 8 to 80 and with people of widely different tastes. We chose one of the best pub/eateries in Newton Abbot: Teign Cellars. We were (on the whole) not disappointed.

The food is reliable: most of the menu is good most of the time, which is about the best you can expect as everyone has their off-days. There were 12 of us and everything went pretty smoothly order-wise and delivery of food-wise. I must admit I could have eaten everything that everyone had ordered: nothing looked second-rate or unappetising. Macaroni cheese, cheese burger, roast pork, steak in stilton sauce… I had the Bressingham Duck, which was very good, and whilst the blackberry sauce was very pleasant (and slightly unusual) the whole blackberries were a bit much for me. I was also the only one to have a starter – the Thai fish cakes were very tasty.

Before lunch I had a pint of very good local dry cider, and about half way through the meal I had a pint of beer, but it was pretty flat and left a fairly unpleasant taste in the mouth. The beer here can be a bit hit and miss but there is usually at least one good real ale available; I just got unlucky.

I think most of the group enjoyed it, so altogether a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Rating: 4 out of 5.


Rating: 3 out of 5.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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