Marching on Trump

I’ve never seen Grand Central Station before so that was where Auntie Sachee started our walk around Manhattan. Six hours later we were still walking.

img_0454As we headed over to 5th Avenue we became aware of a lot of police activity and a lot of standing traffic. This wasn’t any ordinary standing traffic; these cars were stationary for a very long time, to the point where I was wondering why they left their engines running. They were going nowhere.

5th Avenue on the other hand was eerily devoid of traffic. This seemed odd: a car-free oasis in midtown. It took a few minutes to realize that there were a lot of people walking in the middle of the road, mostly silently and at a fairly relaxed pace. Then I noticed that some had placards, very small and hand made for the most part. The most prominent word on many of the placards was “pussy” – and straight away I knew what this was. This was thinking Americans expressing their contempt for their President-elect, the viperous buffoon that is Trump.

IMG_0457On realizing this I welled up inside; I couldn’t help myself. For me, a foreigner, this was a heartwarming sight. Knowing that there are so many decent, thoughtful and rational Americans who feel strongly enough to get out of their homes and give up their day to show the world how they feel, brings tears to my eyes. All is not lost. Civilization is alive and well and has a chance to triumph over the odious stain that Trump is creating in his prodigious wake.

Not My President was the mantra of the day. Not mine either, thankfully. But us folks on the other side of the Atlantic will feel the icy gusts of hate blasting on the jet stream from the US in the years to come. America will catch a cold, but us Brits will be sneezing too.

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