Manhattan under water

My planned day out in Manhattan has been washed out by rain. No ordinary rain: a bit like New York this was big, heavy and relentless. There was no escape. So, no high line, no World Trade Centre, no NY pizza. Just sat in a tiny drab hotel room waiting for my phone, then iPad then watch to charge.

If it wasn’t for the fact I needed to get to the Apple Store on 5th Avenue I would probably not have ventured out at all. Not having a phone (or iPad) is a bit of a downer, especially when you really need maps to find places to eat. And still I couldn’t find a good coffee shop, so ended up in Starbucks. Serves me right for leaving my charger back in Queens.

I hope that hotels as grim as the Hotel Newton don’t exist back home. The room is shockingly small and there are no facilities – at all. the Manhattan Diner next door is pretty good though: good coffee and pretty good burger. The launderette round the corner was a godsend. Then I got back to the hotel. My coat, shoes and jeans were still wet so I made my mind up to cut my losses and leave the hotel a day early. It was back to Queens on the 2 to Fulton and the J to Queens – 2 hours!

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