Biggest Mall in the USA

You’ve guessed it: I’ve arrived in Minneapolis – home of the largest shopping mall in the US, modestly called The Mall of America. It’s quite big. I shed quite a few calories walking around it. It was so big that I couldn’t understand why shoppers weren’t offered golf carts to get around; this is America after all.

It’s mostly chain stores and and is rather soul-less: no different to most other malls then. If I was under 15 I think I would like it if my parents came here shopping: it has a pretty damn good theme park right in the centre – Nickelodeon Universe. Note the lack of kids in the photo: they were, of course all at school, no doubt learning how to become future members of the high-mass consumption society. It’s a wonder they don’t organise geography field trips to the mall to test the kids orienteering skills. They’ll be spending a lot of time here one day.

Oh, and I did my bit by purchasing two pairs of Levi’s from, of all places, the Levi’s store. Macy’s and Penney’s only had slim-boy sizes. Now there’s proof if ever you needed it: walk three times round this mall and you could fit into slim-boy jeans too!

Mediocrity is all the rage and Quality can be hard to find; ignorance and prejudice are all too common and, like mediocrity, reduce the quality of life. I'll do my best to provide a very small antidote.

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