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The Luxor, Las Vegas

Three times in Vegas and three different hotels. The Luxor is pretty damned good, if slightly frayed at the edges. It’s a spectacular building inside and out and the hotel rooms are comfortable; I’d give it four stars.

The rooms are spacious, clean and comfortable, but slightly underwhelming compared to the overall architecture. Like most punters I had a basic room with two double beds; there was plenty of room for clothes storage, a good quality 42″ LED television, and plenty of sockets to charge gadgets. The bathroom included a bath, shower, hand basin and toilet. There is a free and frequent elevated tram to take you to Mandalay and Excalibur. Like most hotels in Vegas there is a good selection of cafes and restaurants, but for a good bar you would probably need to head elsewhere. The WiFi is easy to use and pretty fast.

Parking is $8 per day: just charge up a card with however many days you need and parking a rental is a breeze.


I would recommend the Public House for good American food and drinks. Steaks and burgers are specialities but I had the Jambalya with rice and peas – it was good, if too salty. Americans seem to like salt… I didn’t try T&T (Tacos and Tequila) but the food looked good.


  • The shower could do with a shelf (where am I to put my specs?) and could do with a bit more pressure.
  • Now, I know a desk or table is not exactly vital – you’re not here to work after all – but I like to sit up to type up notes, process photos, etc. There is no desk.
  • A small fridge would be handy to keep water and other drinks cool. There is no kettle but there is an ironing board and iron!

1 comment on “The Luxor, Las Vegas

  1. Nice review. I agree that it was good, but frayed at the edges. My husband and I visited last summer, staying for the first time. We actually had my two young step children from Sweden with us and had to stay a night, before catching a flight to Orlando. Although we visit Vegas frequently, this was the first time with kids and we were hesitant. They loved it. I think it’s because it has a fun theme. We were able to easily avoid the casino and anything truly inappropriate. We got a cabana and spent the entire day by the pool, which they also loved. Luxor isn’t fancy, but it served our purposes well.

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