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A Bushfull of Birds

How many birds can you fit in a bush? Here is one answer at least...!

2 March 2018 | Newton Abbot, Devon

It is not often that two very unusual phenomena occur simultaneously, but it did on this day and I had to rush to get my camera set up on a tripod. Firstly, it had been snowing – something it does not do often in south Devon. If you want to see snow you usually have to drive up onto Dartmoor, and even then you may be waiting some years. Secondly, a flock of over twenty birds appeared from nowhere and descended on this one bush in the garden. I do not know what kind of birds they are or why they were so attracted to this bush, but I had never seen them before or since – just this one occasion.

At times it was difficult to see the bush for the birds! And by the time the left there was not a single berry left, which may well provide an answer to the question of why they were there at all.

Photographs taken with Sony camera and lens at 6000 x 4000px RAW, reproduced here at 1200px on longest edge and 70 per cent quality. Contact me for original photographs.

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