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Crockery & Coffee

A recent gift has changed my coffee drinking habits – for the better.

24 April 2018

Does the right crockery change eating or drinking habits? Not a very important point perhaps but a recent gift has certainly changed my coffee drinking habits – for the better.

I suppose it’s a bit like when you first drink tea from a fine bone china cup or sip beer from a pewter jug: these things somehow make the contents taste better. I don’t doubt that this may be down to psychology in part, but I know from experience that beer from a pewter jug tastes better compared to the same beer from a plastic cup. As for these cups, well, I think they look just great and make me feel good – works for me!

With these cups and saucers it is not so much that the coffee tastes better – it doesn’t. They have actually changed my drinking habits. Previously a typical day would include four coffees, three double-espresso with about the same amount of hot water (americano) and one cappuccino, although I do have the occasional latte. I suppose I felt the urge to fill whatever cup I was using, which is slightly odd when you think about it.

Since I received this very nice set of cups I have got into the habit of drinking straight espresso (with a tiny bit of hot water) and have even enjoyed Nespresso lungo’s like never before; a whole lungo (so to speak) will not fit into these cups so what I have is strictly something halfway between an espresso and a lungo. I’m now enjoying the Nespresso pods even more than before, and have found that the lungo’s are quite a lot better than I originally thought. Those folks who drink out of espresso cups were right all along. What a difference a set of crockery can make!

I’m fairly sure these cups came from Habitat but I can’t find them on their website.

Photographed with my Sony camera and Zeiss lens. 6000 x 4000px RAW images reproduced here at 70 per cent quality and 1200px on longest edge. Contact me for original photos.

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