Birthday in Calais 1983

July 1983 | Calais, France

I was born on a Saturday and, I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes: I have worked hard for a living!

In 1983 (I think…) myself and some old friends set off on the ferry to Calais for a couple of days. I wasn’t the only one celebrating: someone in the group had a birthday at about the same time but I can’t quite remember who in these photographs it was.

In those days it was easy to get a train from London to France via the ferry, which was included in the return rail fare. We were, of course, drinking all the way starting with the early morning train! This was a (probably) bad habit we had developed as students on day trips to France. On this occasion though we would be staying overnight, although I have no memory at all of the hotel (was it a hotel?).

When we arrived in Calais what was the first order of business? To find a bar! I had already had a few beers on the train and the ferry but that did not stop me having a few more. The only trouble is I fell asleep on the beach in the afternoon and went a very unpleasant shade of red. You may notice that in at least one of the photos the contrast between my very pale skin and very red skin from the spot where my watch usually was.

In the mean time, if anyone can remind me who is in the photos that would be great. I remember them very well but not all of their names!

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