Bird Murder


A lot going on in my garden today: a Hawk doing what it does.. and a hedgehog too

I noticed this morning there was something wrong with a young wood pigeon; no obvious injuries but it couldn’t fly and could barely walk. I moved it to a shady bit of grass and went indoors to try to find a number for the RSPCA or anyone else who might be able to help, but this proved to be more difficult than I thought – and certainly more difficult than it probably should be.

By the time I trawled the internet and returned to the garden to check on the bird this happened. It was too late.

Nevertheless I hastily got my camera and tripod set up not far from the action; the Hawk (or Buzzard? I’m not good at identifying birds…) noticed me and paused for the briefest moment, but clearly decided his feast was more important than any threat I might pose.

For a bit of relief from all the unpleasantness I’ve added a few snaps of a friendly neighbourhood hedgehog out for a stroll – just a metre away from where all the carnage was about to take place.

Pictures taken as RAW 6000 x 4000px. Shown at full resolution but reduced to 1600px wide. Contact me for full size images.


Response to “Bird Murder”

  1. […] a few photographs of a rather large hedgehog I spotted ambling through my garden in the post ‘Bird Murder‘; this was in an effort to lighten the rather gory nature of a bird of prey doing what birds […]

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