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Minneapolis is a clean modern city in very nice countryside with lots of lakes. It is probably not considered by most tourists from abroad as a place to visit, but worth a couple of days I would say.

November 2016 | Minneapolis, USA

Suburbs and lakes

Mall of America and Downtown

Minnehaha Regional Park

The Depot Tavern

There are so many cities to visit in the US and all of them are very different. New York, San Fransisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans – the list is very long, and when most people compile a wish list of places they would like to visit I doubt that Minneapolis is on many of them. It was on my 2016 list because a relative of my late wife lives there, and I was very keen to meet up with them.

I liked the city and especially the countryside around. Because of my love of music I was, of course, very pleased to see the Depot Tavern. I only wish I could have paid a visit, had a few beers and seen a band. Perhaps next time. I must have taken photographs of every inch of wall, and was amazed at some of the artists that had been there. Prince, being local, was the only one with a gold star. But look at those names! Some of my all-time favourites are there: Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Taj Mahal, A Tribe Called Quest, Dr.John and The Cure for example. These walls jogged my memory too: Johnny Thunders, The Sisters of Mercy, The Specials – so many in my music collection that I have not played for a long time. This alone would be a good reason to revisit Minneapolis.

By way of a postscript I should say that the airport that serves the twin cities of Minneapolis and St.Paul is very good. I was glad I was early for my flight to Las Vegas as the bar was very well stocked – all keg and no draft but hey, this is an airport after all. Just look at that selection! There is even Speckled Hen from back home. I can recommend the Samuel Adams Winter Lager.

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