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Devon 1989

As a Devon exile living in London I could not resist the urge to travel home as often as I could. And there are so many great places to see.

South Devon, cider jars and ducks

I always looked forward to leaving my tenth floor flat in south London behind for a week or so and get back home to south Devon. I loved London but I also loved Devon, and I never really reconciled the tension between the two. I am quite sure that being able to get on the train five or six times a year kept me from going nuts.

Rena came with me on this particular trip and we stayed as we always did with my sister. She had recently acquired four ducks and I still remember how good the eggs were.

Some of these pictures show the sand dunes at Dawlish Warren, which is easy and inexpensive to get to by train from Newton Abbot. Dartmouth and especially Hallsands are pretty much impossible to get to by public transport so a car is essential.

The Hallsands Hotel pictured here, and where we stopped for a cider and a sandwich, was demolished many years ago. I was sorry to see it go because it was unusual, being the only ‘diving’ pub I knew. It was popular with divers and there was a lot of diving gear stashed in the pub, not on display as such but dotted haphazardly around, giving the pub a unique charm.

Also pictured is my oldest friend with his collection of cider jars. I aspired to having a collection myself but it was never anywhere near as good as Jon’s. But then, living on the 10th floor of a tower block limited my ambitions in that direction!

1 comment on “Devon 1989

  1. Nice images
    Shame the hotel is no longer there as it would have been nice to go there and try out the cider.

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