A visit to the dentist: an excuse to visit the Dartmoor town

The time has come to pay a visit to the dental hygienist to give my teeth a thorough clean. In normal times this would not be something to get excited about, but in these times of pandemic and lockdown it presented an opportunity to leave the town for a few hours. Daft as it may seem, it felt like a mini holiday!

Whilst there are some very good dentists in Newton Abbot it has to be said that the Devon Centre of Excellence is, well, excellent. Being in Ashburton it provides a valid lockdown reason for me to leave the town on, let’s face it, a very short journey, but to a very different geography altogether.

Ashburton is a short drive from Newton Abbot, mostly up hill and onto Dartmoor. It has always been a pleasant town to visit ever since I can remember, and whilst the big old second-hand book shop has long since gone there are some very good little shops. Being a foodie I made straight for the deli and the butchers, both of which are excellent and both of which could have swallowed a sizeable chunk of my wages with little effort; spend restraint is essential. The excellent cafés are, of course, closed. I haven’t been in the pubs for a while so I can’t speak for them.

Whilst enjoying the town and since this was a rare opportunity to leave the immediate Newton Abbot area I thought I would take a few photographs – here they are.

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