Saturday morning

Diary: 21st January 2023

Blue sky, frost, sun, Terje Rypdal, cappuccino. Crisp, clear and milky. Still. That is the morning and everything feels good. As for the day ahead? Well, it is Saturday so I can please myself. I might treat myself to bacon (sandwich?) for late breakfast at lunchtime. More coffee is a must; one more cappuccino to use up the warm stretched and frothed milk, then two big mugs using the American press. Ironing; mundane and dull but it must be done. Let me rephrase that; it does not have to be must; it is optional, but if I am to venture out anytime to a place where there are people, must it is.

I have a new photo printer that will take some time and care – and no doubt more than a hint of frustration – to set up. It will print up to A3+ and has 10 ink cartridges. Over the top? Not for me it isn’t. The best? Almost certainly, but that is me all over.

Actually, I was very surprised to learn after the printer was delivered last night that it is brand new – not the one I returned for repair over a week ago. So they did replace it after all. ‘Replace under warranty’ is the phrase I definitely did not expect to see. Well done Canon, and thank you. My faith is restored, and I can now once again dream of one day owning a Canon full-frame camera.

So, ironing and setting up a new printer. As mornings go it could certainly be worse and I am certainly not complaining.

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