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  • Snow: A Cautionary Tale

    Snow: A Cautionary Tale

    I love to see snow, but it is quite rare in this part of the world. We had ‘snow’ this morning but nothing compared to the big freeze of 1963, which is where my fear of ice came from…

  • Mending Fences

    Mending Fences

    My personal diary, Sunday, 27th December 2020. Devon. Bella has a go at blowing my fence down, and doesn’t entirely succeed.

  • Hedgehog triplets

    Hedgehog triplets

    Back in July I included a few photographs of a rather large hedgehog I spotted ambling through my garden in the post ‘Bird Murder’; this was in an effort to lighten the rather gory nature of a bird of prey doing what birds of prey are supposed to do. I suspected the hedgehog I had […]

  • Lockdown Garden: The Pond

    Lockdown Garden: The Pond

    I battled for three days to remove the bullrushes that almost completely obscured the pond, but it was worth it…

  • Bird Murder

    Bird Murder

    I noticed this morning there was something wrong with a young wood pigeon; it couldn’t fly and could barely walk. I tried to help and then this happened…

  • Lockdown Garden 1

    Lockdown Garden 1

    Lockdown gave me an opportunity to really go to town on my garden – and get some serious work done. Sun and fun – and exercise too!

  • Backyard sunset

    Backyard sunset

    We’ve had some striking sunsets lately, and this evening was no exception. I happened to look out the kitchen window and this was the view, so out came the iPhone.