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  • Day 7: Castletown to Portree

    Day 7: Castletown to Portree

    Before a long drive across the Highlands to the Isle of Skye we stopped to take some photos of the village we have been staying for the last few days. And stopped again for a Midge Bite.

  • Day 6: Durness & Tongue

    Day 6: Durness & Tongue

    Durness beach and Smooth caves turned out to be as good as expected and well worth a visit. I just hope that if you visit this fabulous area you learn the etiquette of driving along single-track roads.

  • Day 5: Dunnet Head & Keiss

    Day 5: Dunnet Head & Keiss

    I have walked on the land at the most northerly point of Britain. That feels like quite an achievement, and it was worth the winding track to get there.

  • Day 4: Buckie to Thurso

    Day 4: Buckie to Thurso

    North of Inverness is the most stunning scenery we have yet scene in Scotland – and that is saying something. We stopped on the way at an Eden-like idyll just before Golspie, which was itself a beautiful town with varied and beautiful architecture.

  • Day 3 part 2: Findhorn & Lossiemouth

    Day 3 part 2: Findhorn & Lossiemouth

    Findhorn – or at least the small section we were able to get to – did not live up to expectations which left time to visit the lighthouse and museum at Covesea, only to find that both were closed.

  • Review: The Harbour Lights Cafe, Lossiemouth

    Review: The Harbour Lights Cafe, Lossiemouth

    A highly recommended eatery in a lovely building and a beautiful location. This is hard to beat.

  • Day 3 part 1: Bow Fiddle Rock @ Portknockie

    Day 3 part 1: Bow Fiddle Rock @ Portknockie

    Bow Fiddle Rock has been photographed many times; we just had to have some that we could call our own. Portknockie itself is very pleasant though, and I regret not taking a few snaps of the village itself.

  • Day 2: Three Forth Bridges

    Day 2: Three Forth Bridges

    Our first day in Scotland kicks off with pictures of the three Forth bridges from the north and the south shores, with a brief stop in Queensferry and a visit to a very good cafe.