• Scotland Day 2: Three Forth Bridges
    Scotland Day 2: Three Forth Bridges

    Our first day in Scotland kicks off with pictures of the three Forth bridges from the north and the south shores, with a brief stop in Queensferry and a visit to a very good cafe.

  • Scotland Day 1: A 481-mile Drive
    Scotland Day 1: A 481-mile Drive

    Day 1: Essentially a 9-hour drive from Newton Abbot to Rosyth, a small town with no pubs and nowhere to get hot food. Or so it would seem.

  • Demolition: Man-made & Nature
    Demolition: Man-made & Nature

    Nature brought down the great tree in Courtenay Park but it was the ingenuity of man that demolished houses and shops opposite the bus station.

  • Birds in a Barbed Bush
    Birds in a Barbed Bush

    I went to war with this mahonia once, and I think I won. I suffered injuries but at least my car suffered scratches no more. Birds live in it, which presents a mystery: why would they do such an apparently reckless thing? It would be like me seeking comfort in a barbed wire dressing gown.

  • Unhinged in time
    Unhinged in time

    I exist in two time zones at once. Apparently. Am I some kind of weird quantum entity? Only my cappuccino knows…

  • The Passing of Fog
    The Passing of Fog

    Can we ever know the moment when fog ceases to be fog? Of course not. Fog is a bit like life in that respect.

  • Homes to Survive In
    Homes to Survive In

    The weather I am experiencing in south west England is thankfully considerably more comfortable than is being experienced in parts of the north west seaboard of North America. We knew 25 years ago – and indeed earlier – that dramatic events like this would occur more frequently and more frighteningly right through the 21st century.…

  • Enjoying a Morning Coffee
    Enjoying a Morning Coffee

    An otherwise dull and tepid day can be brightened, albeit momentarily, by something special, in this case the simple pleasure of an excellent cappuccino.

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