Category: Photography

  • Courtenay Park

    Courtenay Park

    One of my favourite Newton Abbot parks. There are many to choose from, all with entirely different characters. Photos take in 2009.

  • Newton Abbot Architecture

    Newton Abbot Architecture

    An overheard conversation on a train prompted me to take photographs of architecture in Newton Abbot. Some people do not speak highly of the town but it has many buildings to be proud of.

  • Photography: Lightroom vs. Photos

    Photography: Lightroom vs. Photos

    I must make a choice between Lightroom and Photos before I go too far down the road of cataloguing and ‘developing’ over 9,000 photographs. The choice is not easy but I cannot possibly work on such a large collection twice, so a choice must be made.

  • Meldon, Dartmoor

    Meldon, Dartmoor

    A hire car and a meeting in Bideford provided an opportunity to take the ‘slow’ road back to Newton Abbot and stop off at Meldon reservoir on the way.

  • Ashburton


    A visit to the dentist in lockdown became something of a mini-holiday, an opportunity for a welcome change of scene.

  • Transport 2000

    Transport 2000

    Newton Abbot Festival of Transport was supposed to have been repeated but turned out to be a one-off. That’s a shame.