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  • Review: The Harbour Lights Cafe, Lossiemouth

    Review: The Harbour Lights Cafe, Lossiemouth

    A highly recommended eatery in a lovely building and a beautiful location. This is hard to beat.

  • Enjoying a Morning Coffee

    Enjoying a Morning Coffee

    An otherwise dull and tepid day can be brightened, albeit momentarily, by something special, in this case the simple pleasure of an excellent cappuccino.

  • Cheese galore!

    Cheese galore!

    Food shopping is not a chore when I am salivating over local cheeses, hams, pies and other goodies from the market deli.

  • Quality Fails Sometimes part 1: Nespresso

    Quality Fails Sometimes part 1: Nespresso

    The Sage Creatista is a great coffee machine and as a premium product you do not expect it to go wrong…

  • Sloe Porter at Reading

    Sloe Porter at Reading

    Despite my misgivings about Reading, the Wetherspoons is good and the Adnams Sloe Porter very good.

  • Old Uncle Tom Cobbly & All

    Old Uncle Tom Cobbly & All

    One of the finest pubs in England, and a short minibus ride from Newton Abbot…

  • Easter eggs & Trump

    Easter eggs & Trump

    So, here is my weekend comfort food: the eggs look good but it would appear the Guardian Weekly is determined to ruin the feast! Someone with a sense of humour bought me a Colin the Caterpillar easter egg. I shall enjoy demolishing that one! The single origin cocoa pod looks interesting – I’ll save that […]

  • A Tale of Two Pubs

    A Tale of Two Pubs

    Not far from Charing Cross station are two pubs very close to each other that, on the face of it, might appear to have a lot in common. But one is very much better than the other or, put another way, more to my taste. As you walk past The Marquis and The Harp it should […]