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  • National Health @ LSE

    National Health @ LSE

    It is 1976 and with punk happening it is sometimes easy to forget that jazz-rock was also a pretty big ‘underground’ scene at the time, with lots of wild and whacky bands and tunes crashing out of all directions to challenge ear-brain co-ordination.

  • New & Old

    New & Old

    Ignorance by Weather Station released February 2021 and Octopus by Gentle Giant released in December 1972. Two records for people who really like music.

  • 1977 Gig Guide

    1977 Gig Guide

    Second year at Uni and I was engrossed in Ents (entertainments), beer, music and gigs. No wonder I only scraped through exams!

  • Cordless ironing

    Cordless ironing

    A cordless iron sounds like a very good idea, but this one at least is not as convenient as you might think.

  • The birth of punk

    The birth of punk

    In a bedsit in Fitzrovia, London, it was almost midnight and a revolution in music was about to take place…

  • Star Wars TV

    Star Wars TV

    It is Lockdown Day 5 and Disney+ has arrived with great timing. Star Wars in 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos. I was going to enjoy this…

  • Every track is a gem

    Every track is a gem

    How often do you come across an album that is consistently brilliant, with not one dud track?

  • Budapest Cafe Orchestra

    Budapest Cafe Orchestra

    The Budapest Cafe Orchestra live, not in a cafe in Hungary but in a church in Kingskerswell!