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  • Vespa Scooter

    Vespa Scooter

    3 May 2014 | Newton Abbot, Devon A friend of mine is into scooters and this is one he owned back in 2014. I liked it: clean simple lines, great colours and quite modest (get it?). It was in very good condition considering its age, but alas this one has moved on to another lucky […]

  • A Tale of Two Pubs

    A Tale of Two Pubs

    Not far from Charing Cross station are two pubs very close to each other that, on the face of it, might appear to have a lot in common. But one is very much better than the other or, put another way, more to my taste. As you walk past The Marquis and The Harp it should […]

  • Wild Wood revisited

    Wild Wood revisited

    If you want to really enjoy them, some records must be listened to all the way through in one session. Wild Wood is one of them.

  • Pumpkin and Climate Change

    Today is one of those great days when your local has five excellent beers – three from Devon and two from Cornwall. The two best beers, in my view, were from Newton Abbot, and that’s not just me being biased (although I probably am!). The Union in Newton Abbot usually has a good selection of […]

  • Beer, Swann and Hoagies

    Maltings Beer Festival, Newton Abbot, April 14-16 I got through about 14 or so great beers over two days, and not a bad one amongst them. I also got to see Nicky Swann live and indulge in some of the best sausage hoagies you will get anywhere. The 19th Maltings beer festival was better than […]

  • Is poor pub service becoming the norm?

    Is poor pub service becoming the norm?

    As you can see this is a rather nice looking pub and, despite the fact it is a Nicholson’s I thought it would be worth a visit. It’s THE CLACHAN in Kingly Street, Soho, just behind Liberty’s (central London). I was in town for a meeting and joined an old friend for a few pints […]