Death Valley 1990

Las Vegas was included on our first tour of the United States; neither Rena nor I were particularly keen to visit Vegas and almost never did, but we decided not to switch cities in the end. We were very glad we did, as we actually enjoyed Vegas enormously. One day I decided to get up early and take a drive through Death Valley. I was keen to approach the valley from the north and not the usual tourist route. I was glad we did as the views looking south into the valley were incredible.

I didn’t have the heart to tell Rena that we were almost out of petrol – something I should have checked before we left Vegas. I saw there was a petrol station not far into the valley and hoped we would make it. I think Rena guessed that I was slightly tense. I was relieved when we got to the petrol station but my relief was short lived and turned momentarily to horror. The gas station was out of gas! It was a bit like that scene from the Blues Brothers where Jake and Elwood are late for their big event and Twiggy happens along in her E-type to lighten the scene.

Strangely – and luckily for me – the only other gas station in Death Valley was just a mile or so away. I was saved! We stopped off in the middle of the valley for some ‘cowboy’ grub – which was actually very good – and a look around a few old museum pieces. The sight of a ludicrously green and lush golf course in the middle of the desert was pretty sickening – a sign that something was very badly wrong with the human race that had lost all sense of right and wrong and which placed no value on natural resources.