…or movies if you prefer. I love film and used to like going to the cinema, particularly if it had a good sound system, comfortable seats with plenty of leg room and a decent screen. The banning of popcorn would be a real bonus, no more scent of baby sick or the moronic shuffle and crunch of the cretin who seems more interested in eating than watching the movie. There is always some third rate twat who leaves their mobile on – and even makes calls. There are even people who take young children into the cinema. Fine if its Bambi but not when I’m trying to enjoy Nun Slasher III.

2001 HAL 9000 redeyeThe first film that hit me right between the eyes was 2001 A Space Odyssey. I still like it today and it’s always been my No.1. I like Sci-Fi and horror but in general anything that explores the extremities of the human condition or extrapolates todays science, technology and politics into possible (usually dysfunctional) futures.

The film I’ve watched most often – and in fact a ridiculous number of times – is The Blues Brothers. I don’t like musicals (with the possible exception of Oliver!) but I guess The Blues Brothers is a musical – of sorts. But very funny and excellent music. Talking of musicals, I really liked The Commitments. It’s unfortunate that the other two books in the Roddy Doyle trilogy, which were made into two real gems by the BBC, are very difficult to get hold of. They are The Snapper and The Van. Roddy’s recent book ‘The Guts’ has yet to be turned into a film but it will be well worth watching when it is.

Talking of books, there have been some surprisingly good attempts at filming ‘unfilmable’ stories, like The Road for example. By contrast, I enjoyed reading Life of Pi but the film, whilst visually stunning, did not get over the story at all well.

I like so-called indie/arthouse movies but don’t get to watch them often. Examples include: The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, Her Lover; The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser; Repo Man, The Draughtsman’s Contract and many others. I enjoy ‘pop’ films too, especially after a grim day at the office when my brain needs to switch off. I’ll watch any Bond, Star Trek or Star Wars movie – and not bother if I fall asleep because I know the script by heart! Whilst at the LSE I was a member of the student film club and was introduced to some fairly obscure (and mainly European) movies. One that had a lasting impact was Due to an Act of God – or at least that is an English approximation of the German title. I wish I could find it on DVD to see if it is as good as I remember.Futurama

  • I would tend to like anything by the COEN BROTHERS
  • EALING COMEDIES are almost all great
  • Americans should stop doing remakes of great British movies/TV series: they are invariably dreadful
  • my top ANIMATION is ICE AGE; anything by AARDMAN is great
  • my all-time favourite CARTOON CHARACTER is BENDER; before ‘he’ came along it was Foghorn Leghorn (whatever happened to TC; you never see him these days…)