For as long as I can remember I’ve had some form of camera about my person. For many years this was a very inexpensive and very ropey camera, sometimes even disposable. The results can be seen on these pages: some of the photos taken in the 70s and into the 80s are very poor, and that is regrettable. Some time in the 80s I picked up a Canon and I’ve never looked back since; another example of aiming for quality I suppose. Even my first iPhone took better pictures than my early efforts and my iPhone 6S Plus continues to surprise with what it is capable of.

Back in the days of 35mm film you had to be picky and choosy about what you took photographs of. Going on holiday meant deciding how many rolls of film to buy – how many 100ASA, 200ASA and 400ASA. If you had a 100ASA film loaded and you needed to take a picture in low light you were stuffed. Bad picture. Nowadays you can take a hundred pictures an hour at any ASA you like, with no film to purchase and no charge for development or wait for delivery. Do we take too many pictures? Probably.

It takes me some time to scan and restore each set of negatives. When I do I generally upload them to Flickr, often in 16:9 format as I watch them with friends and family on Apple TV. On this website I will generally show the images either at their original aspect ratio or at some other ratio that seems right. The images will invariably be of lower resolution than the originals, but I have the originals if anyone would like copies.