I am dreadfully lost without my wife. We had been together for 28 years and our relationship had become utterly natural and effortless. I have lost my confidant, best friend, lover and advisor. There is no-one I can talk to about important things and who will understand me in the way she did. I miss her every minute of every day. I am keeping my spirits up and doing my best to be myself – and largely succeeding for most of the day.

I have unfinished business and during 2016 I’m hoping to get answers to important questions surrounding Rena’s last weeks and months. In the mean time, I’ve provided here some photographs and thoughts for friends and family. It makes me feel better knowing that there are people out there who think about Rena, even if they never met her.

Rena Singh. 9th March 1951 – 13th July 2015.