If I come across QUALITY I will write about it here. This could be almost anything, from HiFi to gadgets, beer to pubs, food to restaurants, music, film – in fact anything I’m into! I tend to believe that quality is universal and therefore independent of personal taste. For example, I may taste a ‘quality’ coffee but it may not be to my taste. Music can be a lot more subjective, but I am willing to admit that some music is ‘good’ but not to may liking – Dire Straits would be an example.

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Albertos at Torquay

Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias were always good reliable fun – a mixture of comedy and music forever changing and forever funny. Snuff Boogie!

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Cheese galore!

Food shopping is not a chore when I am salivating over local cheeses, hams, pies and other goodies from the market deli.

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From Caravan to AC/DC in one day

A pretty good day for me, like so many others in my time at the LSE. This entry from my diary in 1976 has me listening to Caravan in the morning and getting down to the Marquee in the evening to see a completely unknown band called AC/DC…

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Photography: Lightroom vs. Photos

I must make a choice between Lightroom and Photos before I go too far down the road of cataloguing and ‘developing’ over 9,000 photographs. The choice is not easy but I cannot possibly work on such a large collection twice, so a choice must be made.

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