I like the United States. It probably has more geographies than any other country on the planet, including many different kinds of desert, cities of enormously varied character, wide open plains, mountains, swamps, extensive delta’s and rolling temperate countryside.

I have enjoyed three holidays in the USA and have managed to get to different cities and regions each time. Las Vegas seems to be the common factor on all three trips which is odd, because I did not really want to go there on our first trip. It did not seem like the kind of place I would enjoy but how wrong I was! I also very much like New York, which is a city I could see myself living in quite happily.

Perhaps oddly, I have never been to New England, so perhaps when Covid is over I might make Boston my first port of call?


Minneapolis is a clean modern city in very nice countryside with lots of lakes. It is probably not considered by most tourists from abroad as a place to visit, but worth a couple of days I would say.

Southern California 1990

These pictures were taken over two days – one being a drive from LA to Palm Springs and the second a guided tour of Hollywood, where photos were generally taken from a minibus.

Disneyland 1990

We flew from Heathrow to LAX first class, thanks to an error by the airline! When I got to Los Angeles I had to do something I’d waited for since I was about 5: get to Disneyland!

In Love With A New York Cop

I am not really in love with a New York cop; she was just a bright light in a dark evening at Trump Tower…

The Luxor, Las Vegas

The Luxor is a great place to stay, if a little frayed at the edges.

Grand Canyon West

The Western Grand Canyon – a great day out from Las Vegas.

Death Valley photos

I did my best in 2016 to recreate the route taken by myself and my wife Rena in 1995. Nothing much had changed – it remains an epic trip.

Preparing for Vegas

I seemed to spend many hours today getting ready for a holiday rather than actually having one: getting to Alamo, booking a car, figuring out how it worked, driving it around for a bit, finding my way to Terminal 3;  waiting for Martyn and Dom’s flight from London, getting back to their hotel and myContinue Reading

Arrived at Luxor

Just arrived at the Luxor, and my room is pretty good…

Biggest Mall in the USA

You’ve guessed it: I’ve arrived in Minneapolis – home of the largest shopping mall in the US, modestly called The Mall of America. It’s quite big. I shed quite a few calories walking around it. It was so big that I couldn’t understand why shoppers weren’t offered golf carts to get around; this is AmericaContinue Reading