• Trinidad Garden
    Trinidad Garden

    A tropical garden in Sangre Grande, Trinidad. I loved it but made the mistake of picking an extremely hot chilli with bare hands – and eating it!

  • Osborne House
    Osborne House

    Osborne House is a beautiful building and, whilst an ostentatious display of wealth, also shows an appreciation of quality craftsmanship and sustainability that might, hopefully, make a return one day.

  • Birds in a Barbed Bush
    Birds in a Barbed Bush

    I went to war with this mahonia once, and I think I won. I suffered injuries but at least my car suffered scratches no more. Birds live in it, which presents a mystery: why would they do such an apparently reckless thing? It would be like me seeking comfort in a barbed wire dressing gown.

  • Wishful Thinking For New Year
    Wishful Thinking For New Year

    The old year is like the rusty dead leaves momentarily reprieved by frost. They will fade away just like 2020. After a year like this, a spot of wishful thinking would seem in order.

  • Mending Fences
    Mending Fences

    My personal diary, Sunday, 27th December 2020. Devon. Bella has a go at blowing my fence down, and doesn’t entirely succeed.

  • Hedgehog triplets
    Hedgehog triplets

    Much to my surprise I found three baby hedgehogs in my garden, which was a wonderful sight. However, one of them was sickly and I have no idea if it survived.

  • Bird Murder
    Bird Murder

    I noticed this morning there was something wrong with a young wood pigeon; it couldn’t fly and could barely walk. I tried to help and then this happened…

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