Newton Abbot

My home town. I was born here in 1956 and since the mid-70’s have taken photographs of events, buildings, parks and the surrounding countryside. I made a start on scanning images during the great lockdown and will gradually get them up on this web page as time permits. Consider the following a sampler!

Cheese galore!

Food shopping is not a chore when I am salivating over local cheeses, hams, pies and other goodies from the market deli.

Transport 2000

Newton Abbot Festival of Transport was supposed to have been repeated but turned out to be a one-off. That’s a shame.

Snow: A Cautionary Tale

I love to see snow, but it is quite rare in this part of the world. We had ‘snow’ this morning but nothing compared to the big freeze of 1963, which is where my fear of ice came from…

Asda Construction 2006

Not everyone was looking forward to shopping in the new Asda. I was one of them.

Newton Abbot Pubs 2005

These are just 10 of the 22 pubs in Newton Abbot at the time, one or two of which have changed beyond recognition.

Newton Abbot Carnival 1992

It was July in sunny south Devon. Except that it was not sunny; it was grey and overcast, but that did not stop the festivities…

Making Way For Asda 2005

It is perhaps surprising how much demolition is required and how many road changes are needed just to build a supermarket. And did we really need it?

Bus Station Demolition 1992

I have many memories of Newton Abbot bus station spread over some decades and, like many townspeople over a certain age I still regret its passing.