Jaguars, Rovers, Mustangs, Corvettes…

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Newton Abbot town centre annual car show 2014

A car show has been held in the town centre every year for some years now, and in my view is well worth a visit. The cars on display are many and varied, and cover a wide time span.

And it is not just cars, but trucks, bikes and gypsy caravans. There were no buses in 2014 but they make an appearance too some years.

My favourites? I love the ‘Morse’ red Jaguar – stunning. I also like the Rover 3.5 litre – there were two on display this year and the red one had my kind of interior – walnut dash and door inlays and leather seats with red piping. The white wheels were a bit suspect though. I also have a soft spot for the Ford Mustang; driving a 60’s Mustang along the full length of Route 66 is on my bucket list. I am not sure about the green one here but I think it actually works… I have to say I love the Brian Harris ERF trucks too.

Perhaps you should pay a visit this year!


Response to “Jaguars, Rovers, Mustangs, Corvettes…”

  1. I enjoyed the Blog Colin.
    I was a good read.
    You captured some nice image’s of the day and i noticed that you captured a friend of mine on his trike.

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