• Chagford at night
    Chagford at night

    Chagford is a great place to visit at any time of the day or year. With excellent pubs, each with a character of its own, it would be rude not to enjoy a few fermented vegetable drinks. However, a car is required, which complicates things.

  • South Devon Technical College
    South Devon Technical College

    Were YOU at SDTC? I was there in the early 70’s and had a great time. Punk hadn’t happened yet so I was still prog-rocking with the best of them. I got some A-levels too.

  • Olives & Post-Punk
    Olives & Post-Punk

    One sunny afternoon in the life of Newton Abbot, from the market square to the clock tower…

  • Jaguars, Rovers, Mustangs, Corvettes…
    Jaguars, Rovers, Mustangs, Corvettes…

    An exceptional free day out in Newton Abbot every June; well worth a visit!

  • Courtenay Park
    Courtenay Park

    One of my favourite Newton Abbot parks. There are many to choose from, all with entirely different characters. Photos take in 2009.

  • Newton Abbot Architecture
    Newton Abbot Architecture

    An overheard conversation on a train prompted me to take photographs of architecture in Newton Abbot. Some people do not speak highly of the town but it has many buildings to be proud of.

  • Scotland Day 15: The End of the Journey
    Scotland Day 15: The End of the Journey

    Over 9 hours on the road and 475 miles covered. The end of a journey for me and my travelling companions. No photos today but here is a shot of the fabulous B&B we stayed in on the Isle of Skye.

  • Demolition: Man-made & Nature
    Demolition: Man-made & Nature

    Nature brought down the great tree in Courtenay Park but it was the ingenuity of man that demolished houses and shops opposite the bus station.

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