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  • Homes to Survive In

    Homes to Survive In

    The weather I am experiencing in south west England is thankfully considerably more comfortable than is being experienced in parts of the north west seaboard of North America. We knew 25 years ago – and indeed earlier – that dramatic events like this would occur more frequently and more frighteningly right through the 21st century. And yet we have done so little about it.

  • Energy company costs and margins

    Energy company costs and margins

    As you know I have reported on energy company margins in previous blog entries (see my Energy Professional blog). This is of interest to energy officers as we advise the public on reducing their energy bills and getting the best deal from their energy company. We know that an alarmingly high number of people in the […]

  • Solar panels that work at night. Yeh right.

    Solar panels that work at night. Yeh right.

    What would you say if I could sell you ‘solar’ panels that worked during the night and can be placed on vertical walls and north facing roofs. They could provide 100% of your hot water needs – night and day – all year round. They could meet 100% of your heating needs throughout the heating […]

  • Olympic Energy Centre

    Olympic Energy Centre

    The Energy Centre under construction at the Olympic Park in Stratford was the largest project of its kind I had ever seen, providing low-carbon power, heat and cooling.