• My not-so-smart Meter?
    My not-so-smart Meter?

    It is perhaps rather late in the day – especially for an energy professional such as myself – but I now have a smart meter, and first impressions are not positive. How useful are they really?

  • Homes to Survive In
    Homes to Survive In

    The weather I am experiencing in south west England is thankfully considerably more comfortable than is being experienced in parts of the north west seaboard of North America. We knew 25 years ago – and indeed earlier – that dramatic events like this would occur more frequently and more frighteningly right through the 21st century.…

  • Andover ZED – Zero Energy Development
    Andover ZED – Zero Energy Development

    It is possible to have a heating bill of £100 a year – or less. All we need to do is design well and, perhaps more importantly, build well. Are we capable of that in the UK?

  • Olympic Energy Centre
    Olympic Energy Centre

    The Energy Centre under construction at the Olympic Park in Stratford was the largest project of its kind I had ever seen, providing low-carbon power, heat and cooling.

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