• Chagford at night
    Chagford at night

    Chagford is a great place to visit at any time of the day or year. With excellent pubs, each with a character of its own, it would be rude not to enjoy a few fermented vegetable drinks. However, a car is required, which complicates things.

  • Demolition: Man-made & Nature
    Demolition: Man-made & Nature

    Nature brought down the great tree in Courtenay Park but it was the ingenuity of man that demolished houses and shops opposite the bus station.

  • Ashburton

    A visit to the dentist in lockdown became something of a mini-holiday, an opportunity for a welcome change of scene.

  • Asda under construction
    Asda under construction

    Not everyone was looking forward to shopping in the new Asda. I was one of them.

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