• Saturday morning
    Saturday morning

    A crisp clear morning and I have nothing to complain about and a day with no plans to enjoy as I will. There are times when life is good.

  • Osborne House
    Osborne House

    Osborne House is a beautiful building and, whilst an ostentatious display of wealth, also shows an appreciation of quality craftsmanship and sustainability that might, hopefully, make a return one day.

  • Birds in a Barbed Bush
    Birds in a Barbed Bush

    I went to war with this mahonia once, and I think I won. I suffered injuries but at least my car suffered scratches no more. Birds live in it, which presents a mystery: why would they do such an apparently reckless thing? It would be like me seeking comfort in a barbed wire dressing gown.

  • Star Wars TV
    Star Wars TV

    It is Lockdown Day 5 and Disney+ has arrived with great timing. Star Wars in 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos. I was going to enjoy this…

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