• Osborne House
    Osborne House

    Osborne House is a beautiful building and, whilst an ostentatious display of wealth, also shows an appreciation of quality craftsmanship and sustainability that might, hopefully, make a return one day.

  • New Orleans
    New Orleans

    A great city at any time, New Orleans is a place I could live and a place I would love to return to one day. Now I’m retired I have time to really soak up the music, food and beer!

  • Courtenay Park
    Courtenay Park

    One of my favourite Newton Abbot parks. There are many to choose from, all with entirely different characters. Photos take in 2009.

  • Newton Abbot Architecture
    Newton Abbot Architecture

    An overheard conversation on a train prompted me to take photographs of architecture in Newton Abbot. Some people do not speak highly of the town but it has many buildings to be proud of.

  • Andover ZED – Zero Energy Development
    Andover ZED – Zero Energy Development

    It is possible to have a heating bill of £100 a year – or less. All we need to do is design well and, perhaps more importantly, build well. Are we capable of that in the UK?

  • Newton Abbot Pubs 2005
    Newton Abbot Pubs 2005

    These are just 10 of the 22 pubs in Newton Abbot at the time, one or two of which have changed beyond recognition.

  • Let’s Knock Down Newton Abbot!
    Let’s Knock Down Newton Abbot!

    It is perhaps surprising how much demolition is required and how many road changes are needed just to build a supermarket. And did we really need it?

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