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  • New Orleans 1990

    New Orleans 1990

    A great city at any time, New Orleans is a place I could live and a place I would love to return to one day. Now I’m retired I have time to really soak up the music, food and beer!

  • Courtenay Park

    Courtenay Park

    One of my favourite Newton Abbot parks. There are many to choose from, all with entirely different characters. Photos take in 2009.

  • Newton Abbot Architecture

    Newton Abbot Architecture

    An overheard conversation on a train prompted me to take photographs of architecture in Newton Abbot. Some people do not speak highly of the town but it has many buildings to be proud of.

  • Making Way For Asda 2005

    Making Way For Asda 2005

    It is perhaps surprising how much demolition is required and how many road changes are needed just to build a supermarket. And did we really need it?