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  • Albertos at Torquay
    Albertos at Torquay

    Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias were always good reliable fun – a mixture of comedy and music forever changing and forever funny. Snuff Boogie!

  • From Caravan to AC/DC in one day
    From Caravan to AC/DC in one day

    A pretty good day for me, like so many others in my time at the LSE. This entry from my diary in 1976 has me listening to Caravan in the morning and getting down to the Marquee in the evening to see a completely unknown band called AC/DC…

  • 1992: A great year for gigs
    1992: A great year for gigs

    For some reason I seem to have saved quite a few concert tickets over the years, and sifting through them the year 1992 stands out as a particularly good vintage – for me at least.

  • National Health @ LSE
    National Health @ LSE

    It is 1976 and with punk happening it is sometimes easy to forget that jazz-rock was also a pretty big ‘underground’ scene at the time, with lots of wild and whacky bands and tunes crashing out of all directions to challenge ear-brain co-ordination.

  • 1977 Gig Guide
    1977 Gig Guide

    Second year at Uni and I was engrossed in Ents (entertainments), beer, music and gigs. No wonder I only scraped through exams!

  • Budapest Cafe Orchestra
    Budapest Cafe Orchestra

    The Budapest Cafe Orchestra live, not in a cafe in Hungary but in a church in Kingskerswell!

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