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Snow: A Cautionary Tale

I love to see snow, but it is quite rare in this part of the world. We had ‘snow’ this morning but it was very light – and probably fleeting.

Wishful Thinking For New Year

My Personal Diary, 31st December 2020. The old year is like the rusty dead leaves momentarily reprieved by frost. They will fade away just like 2020. After a year like this, a spot of wishful thinking would seem in order.

Mending Fences

My personal diary, Sunday, 27th December 2020. Devon. Bella has a go at blowing my fence down, and doesn’t entirely succeed.


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Cordless ironing

A cordless iron sounds like a very good idea, but this one at least is not as convenient as you might think.

ENTS – music, film, TV, arts, books, etc.

The birth of punk

In a bedsit in Fitzrovia, London, it was almost midnight and a revolution in music was about to take place…