Colin Anderson

A personal diary of a life in search of quality, knowledge, insight and inspiration – and the stuff I like! Events, people, places, food, drink, travel, music, film…etc.

I am currently working on my university diaries 1975-78 and thousands of negatives I scanned during lockdown, so there is a lot more to come…

…okay, so this is me in my music lounge…
I love food, beer, cider, wine, gin, coffee, pubs, get the picture!

Scotland 2022

The trip of a lifetime: a motoring tour of Scotland north of Fort William/Inverness and the Isle of Skye.


LSE Diary

Three years at university in the late 70’s; I was too involved in Ents and working in the student bar to get a good degree…

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Newton Abbot

My home town down the years; bus station demolition, Transport 2000, carnivals, Christmas festival, etc.



Entertainment: music, film, television, live music -anything local and I will try to get there – and take a few snaps!

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Latest posts

  • Blues to bliss

    Blues to bliss

    Remembering New Orleans gave me a taste for funk – plus jazz, blues and an excellent beer. The thought of not being able to go back made me feel blue for a moment – but that’s all gone now!

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  • New Orleans 1990

    New Orleans 1990

    A great city at any time, New Orleans is a place I could live and a place I would love to return to one day. Now I’m retired I have time to really soak up the music, food and beer!

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  • Newton Abbot 1958

    Newton Abbot 1958

    A parish magazine had unexpected news about my baptism, but perhaps of greater interest were the advertisements for businesses, most of which no longer exist – but some that do.

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  • In search of a partner

    In search of a partner

    I was in search of a girlfriend or partner and was told I should go on a dating site – but I had no idea what kind of person I was looking for, and during lockdown turned to TV for clues.

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  • Olives & Post-Punk

    Olives & Post-Punk

    One sunny afternoon in the life of Newton Abbot, from the market square to the clock tower…

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  • Jaguars, Rovers, Mustangs, Corvettes…

    Jaguars, Rovers, Mustangs, Corvettes…

    An exceptional free day out in Newton Abbot every June; well worth a visit!

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