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The Passing of Fog

Can we ever know the moment when fog ceases to be fog? Of course not. Fog is a bit like life in that respect.

Homes to Survive In

The weather I am experiencing in south west England is thankfully considerably more comfortable than is being experienced in parts of the north west seaboard of North America. We knew 25 years ago – and indeed earlier – that dramatic events like this would occur more frequently and more frighteningly right through the 21st century. And yet we have done so little about it.

Enjoying a Morning Coffee

An otherwise dull and tepid day can be brightened, albeit momentarily, by something special, in this case the simple pleasure of an excellent cappuccino.

Newton Abbot

Cheese galore!

Food shopping is not a chore when I am salivating over local cheeses, hams, pies and other goodies from the market deli.

Transport 2000

Newton Abbot Festival of Transport was supposed to have been repeated but turned out to be a one-off. That’s a shame.

Snow: A Cautionary Tale

I love to see snow, but it is quite rare in this part of the world. We had ‘snow’ this morning but nothing compared to the big freeze of 1963, which is where my fear of ice came from…

Newton Abbot Pubs 2005

These are just 10 of the 22 pubs in Newton Abbot at the time, one or two of which have changed beyond recognition.


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LSE Diary

I enjoyed my time at the London School of Economics. I recently found my diaries for the LSE years – 1976 to 1978 – and started to transcribe them in February 2021.

If LSE, KCL, GeogAss, Ents, the 3 Tuns, Florrie’s and the Joint School of Geography mean anything to you, there might be something of interest here. I have a lot to add over the next few months! I would love to hear from you if you were around at the time.

LSE Diary posts

Albertos at Torquay

Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias were always good reliable fun – a mixture of comedy and music forever changing and forever funny. Snuff Boogie!

From Caravan to AC/DC in one day

A pretty good day for me, like so many others in my time at the LSE. This entry from my diary in 1976 has me listening to Caravan in the morning and getting down to the Marquee in the evening to see a completely unknown band called AC/DC…

National Health @ LSE

It is 1976 and with punk happening it is sometimes easy to forget that jazz-rock was also a pretty big ‘underground’ scene at the time, with lots of wild and whacky bands and tunes crashing out of all directions to challenge ear-brain co-ordination.


music, film, gigs, TV…

1992: A great year for gigs

For some reason I seem to have saved quite a few concert tickets over the years, and sifting through them the year 1992 stands out as a particularly good vintage – for me at least.

New & Old

Ignorance by Weather Station released February 2021 and Octopus by Gentle Giant released in December 1972. Two records for people who really like music.

1977 Gig Guide

Second year at Uni and I was engrossed in Ents (entertainments), beer, music and gigs. No wonder I only scraped through exams!

The birth of punk

In a bedsit in Fitzrovia, London, it was almost midnight and a revolution in music was about to take place…

Star Wars TV

It is Lockdown Day 5 and Disney+ has arrived with great timing. Star Wars in 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos. I was going to enjoy this…


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Posts from Devon, London, Trinidad, USA, Venezuela, France… you get the picture!

Meldon, Dartmoor

A hire car and a meeting in Bideford provided an opportunity to take the ‘slow’ road back to Newton Abbot and stop off at Meldon reservoir on the way.

A Visit to the Dentist

A visit to the dentist in lockdown became something of a mini-holiday, an opportunity for a welcome change of scene.

Devon 1989

As a Devon exile living in London I could not resist the urge to travel home as often as I could. And there are so many great places to see.


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