Scotland Day 9: Sunset at Elgol


27th March 2022 | Elgol and The Cuillins

As mentioned in the previous post, we had a special treat to look forward to this evening, which involved meeting up with Sam and Hannah Bose to take some photographs of the Cuillins at sunset.

Sam and Hannah are a very interesting couple who are both keen photographers and who have a very good website and YouTube channel. I highly recommend following the YouTube channel to keep up to date with their Scotland adventures.

From left to right: Wendy, Hannah & Sam Bose, Tim (iPhone 13 Pro Max)

The drive to Elgol is pretty amazing, and not for the faint-hearted. The road from Portree to Broadford – the A87 – is good with amongst the most stunning views you will see anywhere along the entire route. Sometimes a mountain would fill the entire windscreen – apart from the road ahead of course!

The road from Broadford to Elgol – the B8083 – is single track all the way and to say it meanders is rather like saying that Dartmoor resembles a fen. It is an amazing road with views of nothing but mountains, hills, gorse and lochs all the way. There is an almost complete absence of people or buildings – or other vehicles for that matter.

Driving to Elgol was quite an adventure but almost all of the way there I was thinking about the drive back, which would be in total darkness. The Volvo really came into its own on this trip, with most of the driving on a dirt road with passing points. At night the lights that bend round corners were a major bonus.

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