Scotland Day 9: Skye West – Dunvegan


27th March 2022 : Dunvegan & Dunvegan Head

It may appear that I have missed out a few days – and indeed I have! Lack of wi-fi and other factors – such as finding a good pub – have conspired to slow me down, but the missing days will appear soon!

This morning we are taking it easy – adjusting to British Summer Time after so long on ‘proper’ time.

Anyway, today we are heading east to Dunvegan and possibly further along single-track roads… Who can tell? I will let you know how we get on. We also have a very special treat for golden hour this evening…

We elected to take the fast route to Dunvegan. Apparently there is a rather impressive castle here which we knew in advance would be closed, but we were not particularly here for a tour but rather to take photographs. However, this turned out to be the most well-hidden castle we have ever seen, or not seen to be more precise. Some iPhone snaps below of things we could see.

This is a dilapidated building almost as well hidden as the castle and which so far as we could tell is within the castle grounds.
We have no idea who Giant Angus MacAskill is (or was) but it seems reasonable to assume he was perhaps rather on the large side – height, width or perhaps both. Incidentally, the building in the background and right behind the sign is not the museum. Yes; we were marginally confused too.
I feel we may be giving the wrong impression of Dunvegan as this is another dilapidated building, although the sheep looked in rather good condition.
The sign can’t be wrong: the oldest bakery on Skye – sadly closed when we arrived

I do not want to give the impression that Dunvegan is dilapidated, because a good deal of it isn’t. In fact, there are more cafe’s here per head of population than most places we have visited, and they seemed quite good, although we made do with cheese rolls in the (free) car park. The building above has an important claim to fame, being the oldest bakery on Skye. However, it was not open at the time of our visit which is a shame, as there are few things I like more than a good bakery. Notice the particularly impressive potholes in the picture top left.

Highlights of the shopping centre are the garage and behind it the fishing tackle shop.
The road out of Dunvegan is rather nice, with amazing views of the Cuillin Hills in the distance. (All photos taken on iPhone 13 Pro Max; header shot using the ultra-wide camera)

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