Day 11: Skye West

29th March 2022 | Portree to Fairy Pools

First night in a B&B on the opposite side of the loch from the previous three days, with views looking across to Portree in the distance. Except that this morning it is foggy. I have had my best nights sleep since arriving in Scotland but, despite 8 hours, I think I have more catching-up to do as I still feel somewhat fatigued. This is proving to be a truly great trip but one that is exhausting.

The house we are staying in is modern and only built since 2020, with two guest rooms and the owners rooms below. If I won the lottery and had a house built it would be similar to this: well insulated with triple-glazed composite windows and natural materials throughout, mainly timber and marble. More of that in a future post.

We are about to have breakfast and not long after that – or preferably after the fog lifts a bit – we will be on our way. Today – our last full day in Skye – is a bonus as we have managed to cover just about all that we had planned in the last four days.

Our bonus day will take in the Talisker Distillery, Portnalong, Carbost Burn waterfall, Talisker waterfall and beach and the Fairy Pools. Can’t wait to get going.

Fairy Pools

We made it to the Fairy Pools but I must say the journey is not for those of a nervous disposition or respiratory problems. My iPhone tells me that I walked 4km and, whilst my average heart rate was 96bpm it was up to 150bpm during some of the steeper climbs – and that is including frequent stops to take photos. The walk from the car park was a two-hour round trip, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As ever, here are a few iPhone photos, which are a mixture of ultra-wide angle and ‘live’ long-exposure of waterfalls, which are super-easy to take on the iPhone. I am not skilled enough – yet – to get anything like as good results on my DSLR.

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