Mending Fences

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Storm Bella brings the fence down. It can stay like that for a while…

From my diary, Sunday, 27th December 2020 @ 09:47

Up at 08:40 this morning. Well, so what, I am on holiday after all! Out of bed, watch and slippers on, bedroom curtain pulled – and part of the fence is missing and the rest leaning into my garden at a precarious angle. Oh dear. But this is not just me, this affects my neighbour too…

I suppose generally it is to see if there is any frost, or if the ground is wet, or if it is raining or dry. I also like to see if the fish will make an appearance or if any birds are browsing for food or perhaps a quick morning wash in the pond. This morning was rather different: the fence separating my garden from the neighbours had fallen victim to vandalism.

Bella arrived in our part of the world at about 5 o’clock last night and by midnight she was pretty much in full skirmish. I have no way of knowing when she engaged my fence in battle, but thankfully there was a cessation of hostilities. My plum tree stood firm and robbed Bella of complete victory over the fence.

At the moment I am, as is customary for me at this time of day in the era of covid, in my sitting room enjoying a cappuccino in the warmth. Bella is clearly still around but, as storms go, she ran out of puff rather more quickly than is normal. That is, if such a thing as a ‘normal’ storm exists. She picks herself up and has a quick whirl now and again, dancing around the shrubs and trees attempting to animate them into life. As if they are not alive enough already.

For myself, I am enjoying my coffee and contemplating all sorts of things I want to do today. Mending fences is not one of them.

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