Blues to Bliss


New Orleans Funk

Working on the photographs for the New Orleans blog post earlier today brought back many happy memories of my April 1990 holiday. Adjusting to life as a pensioner – sad bastard – got me feeling a bit down as my smiles were smacked away by the realisation I would probably not be going back to the USA again, pending a lottery win of course. But not for long!

I am very lucky to have a music lounge complete with a well-stocked bar so I got some great vinyl on my deck and got right back to New Orleans with a triple-LP of Funk from that fair city. Since then I’ve branched out a bit… Buddy Guy is now on the platter and Cassandra Wilson’s Blue Light ‘Til Dawn is lined up for a soothing late night listen. And yes, I have my blue lights on.

My beer of choice tonight is luxurious and exquisite – M&S Salted Caramel Billionaire Stout – truly excellent. Nothing like the blues to help you forget the blues – now I feel like a billionaire! Now this is what I call a Sunday evening…

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