Trinidad Garden

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Sangre Grande, Trinidad & Tobago

I have always loved tropical and sub-tropical plants and gardens. It may be a bit of a cliche but growing up in south Devon can have that effect. This however is a proper tropical garden – in Sangre Grande, Trinidad. I took a bit of a liking to the chillis; you can get an idea of how daft I am in the photo where I am touching a ‘cherry’ chilli with bare hands, which like the silver-plated idiot I can be at times I picked and eat. Big mistake. I like chilli, but not this hot – and fresh!

Incidentally, I got my partner Rena to pose in the garden – an early experiment with bokeh! Not a good pose (my fault, not hers) but it came out pretty well I thought.

Photos were taken in June 1988 on whatever Canon SLR I had at the time – I’ve forgotten, but it would have been inexpensive! Negatives were scanned for processing in Lightroom and Luminar Neo. I had high hopes of Luminar Neo and especially the Noiseless and Supersharp extensions, which I have been experimenting with recently, but which have not really met my expectations. More of that in a future post.

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