My home county and, despite living in London for 30 years, probably the place I know best. I have loved Dartmoor ever since I was a young child – the mystery, the landscape, the stories. There is so much to see and to learn. I also like the coast, although I must admit I know the south Devon coast very well and the north Devon coast hardly at all.

The majority of posts are for Newton Abbot, but there are others from Dartmoor and elsewhere in Devon.

Latest Devon posts

Chagford at night

Chagford is a great place to visit at any time of the day or year. With excellent pubs, each with a character of its own, it would be rude not to enjoy a few fermented vegetable drinks. However, a car is required, which complicates things.

South Devon Technical College

Were YOU at SDTC? I was there in the early 70’s and had a great time. Punk hadn’t happened yet so I was still prog-rocking with the best of them. I got some A-levels too.

Newton Abbot 1958

A parish magazine had unexpected news about my baptism, but perhaps of greater interest were the advertisements for businesses, most of which no longer exist – but some that do.

Courtenay Park

One of my favourite Newton Abbot parks. There are many to choose from, all with entirely different characters. Photos take in 2009.

Newton Abbot Architecture

An overheard conversation on a train prompted me to take photographs of architecture in Newton Abbot. Some people do not speak highly of the town but it has many buildings to be proud of.

Cheese galore!

Food shopping is not a chore when I am salivating over local cheeses, hams, pies and other goodies from the market deli.

More Devon posts

Meldon, Dartmoor

A hire car and a meeting in Bideford provided an opportunity to take the ‘slow’ road back to Newton Abbot and stop off at Meldon reservoir on the way.

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A visit to the dentist in lockdown became something of a mini-holiday, an opportunity for a welcome change of scene.

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Transport 2000

Newton Abbot Festival of Transport was supposed to have been repeated but turned out to be a one-off. That’s a shame.

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Snow: A Cautionary Tale

I love to see snow, but it is quite rare in this part of the world. We had ‘snow’ this morning but nothing compared to the big freeze of 1963, which is where my fear of ice came from…

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Teignmouth QM2

The Queen Mary 2 has been anchored off Teignmouth for a few days now, along with a selection of other cruise ships.

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Bird Murder

I noticed this morning there was something wrong with a young wood pigeon; it couldn’t fly and could barely walk. I tried to help and then this happened…

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