Enjoying a Morning Coffee


Simple Pleasures

Diary entry for 24th June 2021 @ 09:17

The morning feels quite muggy; it is warm and moisture in the air is desperately trying to form drizzle or perhaps even light rain. I have just returned from the market and packed away my shopping. I am glad to be home (and not at work) and glad to be able to enjoy half an hour of peace, where the noise inside my head seems almost louder than the noise outside. That is how quiet it is.

Every now and again I enjoy something which is exactly right at that particular moment and perhaps also in that particular place; I suspect we all do. I am enjoying a cappuccino with Single Origin Indian coffee by Nespresso and it really is perfect for this moment on this particular Thursday morning. Perfect enough for me to think about it and to write about it.

I filled two bottles with milk at the market this morning, one whole and one half-cream. That fresh whole-cream Cornish milk is in the cappuccino and it perfectly complements the Indian coffee, which is 11 on the strength scale, so very strong.

The coffee is more tasty than strong, if that makes sense, and the taste is robust and complex enough to rise up through the stretched and foamed milk. This may seem like a cliché, but the coffee actually does taste of India, with just a hint of warm spice – and I am fairly sure that is not just my imagination!

In moments like this I reflect on how good life is. It is almost an auto-response – like breathing; I am not aware of willing the feeling into existence, it just arises like warm rain in my chest and within a second or two I become aware of, well, feeling good. Everything is right with the world, if only momentarily.

Simple pleasures like a morning cappuccino are worth their weight in gold. Much of my day may be dull and tepid, but for half an hour in the morning I can feel very good and very relaxed, like nothing else matters.

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