Scotland Day 12: Skye to Loch Lomond


30th March 2022 | Driving from Portree to Balloch via Fort William and Glencoe

Day 12 was pretty much motoring – all day. I enjoyed it though, as I usually do. We set off from our fabulous B&B on Skye at 10:07 and arrived at our first port of call – Fort William – at 12:42.

I stopped at Fort William partly for cheap(ish) petrol and to avail ourselves of lavatorial facilities and inexpensive lunchtime snacks, all of which I knew to be available at Morrisons. However, the petrol station was fresh out of all forms of combustible fossil fuels. By way of compensation there was an abundance of pork pies, mini scotch eggs and cheese sandwiches, a small sample of which made their way into my Volvo.

The drive from Portree was, as ever, spectacular, but we were about to enjoy a particularly sensational treat as we set off towards Loch Lomond through Glencoe. I took a number of photographs in Glencoe but sadly none of them are reproduced below as they were all taken on my DSLR camera rather than iPhone.

However, as most of us know, the iPhone Pro Max takes particularly good photos and a sample of those taken around Ardlui and Loch Lomond are provided below.

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